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      fyllo f8 Compatible with ESE Pods Inserting ESE pod into machine 

      • Remove the pod from the package If the pod is damaged (Crushed, wet...etc…) It must be discarded. 
      • Be sure there is enough water in the tank before programming coffee volume. Make sure the water tank is in place before brewing. 
      • Place an empty cup under the dispenser. For small cups, pull down the dispensing spout.
      • Raise the top handle back completely.
      • Slide back the plastic cover to open the pod chamber. This cover will close automatically when you lower the handle. Make sure it is slid back as far as possible or the pods may fall through.
      • Insert a coffee pod into the compartment gently. The simplest method to make sure that the pod is aligned correctly is to look vertically down into the chamber whilst you are placing the pod in.
      • Close the handle firmly to load the coffee pod. If the handle is difficult to close, then the ESE pod has not been inserted into the machine correctly. 
      • Press the desired button to brew the coffee.

      • For illy pods place pod with the illy logo facing towards the machine (not towards you).